27 03, 2019

Benefits of Epoxy Flooring


Why is epoxy flooring so popular?  What are the benefits that have created such high demand for epoxy floor coatings?  Epoxy flooring is a process by which concrete floors are made durable, manageable, and beautiful at an extremely reasonable price.  Everywhere you look, you see stunning epoxy floors and you may wonder if they are the right choice for you and your home improvement or industrial project. Epoxy floor coating is a process that utilizes resins and hardeners to give a durable designer finish to your concrete floors.  There are many benefits that make this process a popular choice for

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25 03, 2019

How to maintain epoxy flooring systems


The maintenance of an epoxy floor is one of many reasons why these floors have made their way into homes and commercial spaces alike. An epoxy floors maintenance is completely laid back and easy to handle because it is resistant to almost all types of chemicals, impact, and stains. Very little is ever required to keep the glass-like bright surface that an epoxy coating offers, so here are some tips on how to elongate your floors lifespan because even though the maintenance is minimal, nothing lasts without a little care: Spills should be cleaned up immediately. Regardless of the chemical

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22 03, 2019

Why use epoxy flooring?


Epoxy floor coatings were once thought of as only being installed in industrial settings that handled heavy machinery and high volumes of chemicals. Even though that fact is still true, epoxy floors have recently become the easiest and most affordable flooring options available for home and business owners. An epoxy floor is durable and offers owners more than two decades of a strong surface that will never require increased maintenance over time. Many areas including residential, commercial, and industrial properties have begun to rely on the amazing qualities epoxy floors have to keep safe and clean environments. An epoxy floor

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20 03, 2019

Types of epoxy flooring systems


All epoxy floors are not the same, there are different technologies in each one that is best for your business, home, or warehouse. It is important to note that all epoxy floors are strong, durable, and resistant to damages and are long-lasting surfaces that are simply installed to enhance your concrete floors. Each type of epoxy is beneficial for its proper place and the best way to determine what type of epoxy floor is best for you is to hire a professional. We are going to explore the different types of epoxy flooring and what they offer. Self-dispersing epoxy flooring

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19 03, 2019

Epoxy flooring vs. Traditional flooring


Epoxy flooring was once only thought of as an option for garages and large industrial settings like warehouses, packing plants, or chemical plants, but more and more people are realizing how much they gain from an epoxy floor. These shiny new floors create beautiful surfaces that are resistant to all types of damages and are much more affordable than other flooring options like wood, carpet, or tile. With epoxy floors, you can design a floor that requires little to no maintenance, whereas, any traditional flooring option requires special treatments and constant placement or repairs. An epoxy floor is truly superior

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