26 08, 2019

The Various Types of Epoxy Flooring Systems

The Various Types of Epoxy Flooring Systems Guess what? Even though different epoxy floors should be used in different industries and applied to certain properties, and how thick a coating or flooring is applied. Typically, if you're calling it an epoxy coating, it is less than two millimeters thick and if it is flooring, it is more. The difference? How long they will last! So, what are the benefits of epoxy floors? They are durable. They will not breakdown due to heat, water, or chemicals Aesthetically, they are pleasing. With many different colors and designs

24 08, 2019

Learn How to Make Stunning Metallic Epoxy Floors

Learn How to Make Stunning Metallic Epoxy Floors The first thing most people ask is, what is a metallic epoxy floor? Well, it is a decorative flooring system that, just like regular epoxy, consists of resin and hardeners; however, metallic epoxy floors add and manipulate pigmentation that creates a unique and one of a kind floors anywhere it is installed. Metallic epoxy floors have become incredibly popular for residential, commercial, and warehouse spaces for many different reasons. These floors are truly transformative and can take your entire room design to the next level. Metallic epoxy floors are

22 08, 2019

Trending: Getting Creative With Epoxy Floor Coatings

Getting Creative with Epoxy Floor Coatings Wood, tile, granite, and marble floors are all beautiful and popular options when it comes to residential and commercial flooring. The downfall of these floors is that they do not offer variety in colors, patterns, or textures like epoxy floors do. Epoxy floors offer unlimited color schemes and design opportunities for all and any of your floors, which is the main reason they’ve emerged into the spotlight in recent years! With a professionally installed epoxy floor, you can truly showcase your personality and artistic style. So, in what ways can you

15 08, 2019

Choose an Epoxy Contractor Wisely

Choose an Epoxy Contractor Wisely Epoxy Contractor Wisely When it comes to selecting a contractor to provide your brand new epoxy flooring system, you want to make sure that your contractor knows what they are doing. Epoxy floors are an extremely sensitive material that requires years of experience to even begin to scratch the surface on knowing the best methods to install the flooring. Over the years and even more so recently, there are have been thousands of reports of epoxy flooring gone wrong and yes while these cases could be from bad materials, tool malfunctions, or

11 08, 2019

Consider Concrete Instead Of Wood

Consider Concrete Instead Of Wood Are you getting ready to invest your hard-earned money into a traditional wood flooring system? Do you love the way a traditional wood flooring can add class and elegance anywhere it is placed? Well, wood floors cant be placed anywhere that sees moisture, heavy-duty use or even storage of heavy objects without warping, splintering or buckling but, there is a way you could get the look of traditional wood flooring with the exception of being even more durable. No, we aren’t talking about using higher-quality wood, we are talking about wood stamped

10 08, 2019

Tips For Resurfacing A Cracked Concrete Driveway

Tips For Resurfacing your Damaged Driveway Has your concrete driveway begun to show signs of its age with tiny, spiderwebbing cracks or stains? These imperfections can greatly decrease the curb appeal of your home and ultimately decrease the value of your home. But, these forms of damage and imperfections are not as bad as they look so don’t go running to find a contractor to replace your concrete! There is a process known as concrete resurfacing that can save you thousands of dollars and weeks of time! So today, we are going to be going through a

9 08, 2019

Choosing The Best Epoxy Floor Coatings

Choosing The Best Epoxy Floor Coatings When it comes to choosing your next epoxy floor coating, you can feel a bit overwhelmed. There are hundreds of different types of epoxies that you can find on the market right now so is there any way to decipher which ones are bad, good and the best? Well, as a matter of fact, there is! No matter what, epoxies boil down to two major elements and if the epoxy you are looking at doesn’t, you are not looking at the right epoxy. So today, we are going to be taking

8 08, 2019

Sprucing Up Your Garage Floor

Sprucing Up Your Garage Floor Are you looking for a way to get your garage looking less gloomy, dark and overall boring? Where there are garage floor coatings that you can get from the local hardware store, these materials are mediocre and you will be lucky if they last a year! So today, our goal is to tell you of all the wonderful ways that you can spruce up your garage floor without breaking the bank! So let’s get started with the most popular garage flooring on the market, garage floor epoxy. Garage Floor