Do you want a flooring that is as beautiful as it is durable? What about a living room or storefront that will be sure to be a “wow” factor. Well metallic epoxy flooring that all possible. Metallic epoxy is an amazing product that we offer here at epoxy flooring Columbus, OH.

While being super competitive in the pricing aspect, metallic epoxy flooring is stronger and will last longer than most other flooring alternatives on the market. We are proud of our work and love creating one of a kind masterpieces for our friends in Columbus, OH. You must be thinking that there is no way it is easy to maintain, but it is virtually maintenance free.

Metallic Epoxy Floors Columbus, OH

Easy To Maintain


No matter where it’s installed, it’s easy to keep metallic epoxy bright, clean, and stunning. Metallic epoxy flooring can withstand brutal cleaning protocols as well as pressure washing and medical grade cleaning methods. It will never need to be polished or waxed. Since it is stain resistant and impact resistant, you just need a quick broom or mop to clean it.

Metallic Epoxy Floor


Just because a flooring system is beautiful, durable and long -lasting doesn’t mean the costs have to put you out of house and home. A metallic epoxy flooring system in Columbus, OH not as expensive as most think. With an affordable installation cost, depending on your use of the flooring it can last up to 20 years with minimal maintenance.

Unmatched Durabilty


When you need a floor system that take everything that life can throw at it, you need metallic epoxy for your home or business. These epoxy systems can take a beating and not show signs of damage from nearly anything. Including heavy machinery, accidents, animals, harsh cleaners, gas, and oil spills, and that’s only the tip of the iceberg.


Metallic epoxy has endless possibilities when it comes to the personalization of your project. Here are some reasons why you should consider metallic epoxy floors.

Epoxy Floor Coat Arkansas
  • Epoxy floors have a smooth, elegant look and are nowhere near difficult to clean. For example, hardwood floors require specific floor cleaners however epoxy floors can deal with a wide range of cleaning arrangements. On the off chance that you spill something onto an epoxy floor, tidying up the wreckage is as easy as 1,2,3.
  • Epoxy flooring systems are strong and resistant against chemical damage.
  • One of the main reasons that epoxy floor coatings are the choice of many industries is due to their high levels of resistance. Epoxy is resistant to harsh chemicals, oils, and impact.
  • Without an epoxy covering, the sub-floor is super porous, absorbing any fluids you spill on it. Epoxy shapes a defensive boundary against dampness, oil, stress fractures, and stains.
  • In contrast with most different kinds of flooring out there, epoxy floor covering wins in the sturdiness contest. Truth be told, mechanical structures and processing plants incline toward epoxy coatings since it can withstand the mileage of forklift traffic.
  • If the epoxy is professionally installed and has a solid substrate your floor can last about 20 years. This is just another of the few reasons industrial and commercial businesses choose epoxy as their flooring
  • Contrary to popular belief epoxy coatings are always unique. No two flooring systems are the same as there’s different patterns as well as custom colors. It is incredibly easy to modernize or refresh an area with metallic epoxy flooring.