A concrete coating is one of the best ways to bring your concrete from plain and weak to elegant and durable. Do you want a floor that has everyone talking? Epoxy coatings are the answer for you. Floor coatings allow you to design your dream floor without the hassle of upkeep that typically comes along with any of the surfaces with which you design them to imitate. You can install floors that mimic wood, marble, or quartz. If you desire something even more modern and exciting, metallic epoxy is another option for your floors.

Whatever your dream concrete floor is, we can help. Is your concrete fading, cracking, or staining? Give us a call now to speak to one of our professionals. For affordable prices, you can have one of the hottest trending floors.

Concrete Epoxy Coatings Columbus, Ohio

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Residential Concrete Epoxy Coatings

Many homeowners who implement the installation of an epoxy coating either install it in the basement or the garage. It has become one of the hottest new trends among homeowners because of the number of choices in design. If you have old concrete, but don’t want the headache of ripping it completely out, let us help you, when you choose to let us professionally install epoxy coating on your concrete, you are guaranteeing a stronger, more durable, beautifully elegant floor for your home.

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Commercial Concrete Epoxy Coatings

Epoxy floor coatings are used in many different settings, including hospitals, schools, restaurants, retail shops, and more. These floors are great for businesses who experience high-foot traffic, are exposed to rough environments, and who do not want strenuous upkeep of their floors. Not only do epoxy floor coatings give you a beautiful finish but they also give you floors that you don’t have to be overly concerned about because they are resistant to chemical, abrasion and cracking that would destroy any other flooring system

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Industrial Concrete Epoxy Coatings

Epoxy, created in 1936, is accredited for being the oldest synthetic resin. Warehouses, large parking garages, aviation buildings, and pharmaceutical areas all use epoxy coatings—just to name a few.
Because epoxy floors are extremely hygienic and resist moisture and mold growth, they are highly sought after for busy and harsh environments.

Why Floor Coatings?

If you’re looking for an amazing renovation project, a concrete coating is the best option for you. These coatings offer beautifully attractive floors that are also durable and easy to maintain.

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  • Concrete floor coatings offer seamless finishes that are easily maintained and kept clean. This feature is highly attractive for food & beverage, hospital, and other commercial properties.
  • With high gloss finishes and high-performance surfaces, epoxy coatings are becoming one of the hottest trends. These floors take any room from boring to bold.
  • If you’re in an area where chemical spills are more than likely to happen on a regular basis, then an epoxy coating is your best option to protect your concrete. With an added layer of protection, the coating blocks any harmful substances from penetrating the surface onto your concrete.
  • Coatings reduce wear on machinery which helps keep your productivity at an all-time high. Reducing the need to constantly replace machinery, you can focus on keeping the production rate moving forward.
  • For companies who are seeking the green building status, epoxy flooring is a great option.
  • Concrete epoxy floor coatings are installed quickly and efficiently. Our experienced professionals know how important it is to have your property in working order, so they will install your new coatings as quickly as possible.
  • Epoxy coatings are extremely affordable, and the coatings need very little attention or maintenance; therefore, you will spend less time and money on them. Concrete coatings last for decades to come and eliminate the need to constantly replace your floors.

Clear Coat for Concrete Floors

When concrete floors are given a glossy finish, they immediately become brighter, elegant, and mirror-like. These floors look delicate and fragile but, on the contrary, are strong and resilient. If you want a shine on your concrete floor and don’t want to constantly have to treat your floors to keep that shine, give us a call

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Rubber Coating for Concrete

If you have an area that handles breakable objects, requires easy cleaning, and offers a more matte finish to your concrete, then give us a call, we have just what you need with rubber coatings. With different types of coatings offered, you will be able to make whatever vision you have for your floors a reality.

Garage & Facility Concrete Coatings

Here in Columbus, we know what kind of weather and everyday wear and tear your floors are exposed to. We want to help your garage flooring last, while also being the talk of the neighborhood. For a garage that is resistant to salts and oil stains that also decreases the wear and tear on your vehicles, concrete coatings are your best option. We love what we do and we want you to love your garage. With options of unique décor, whatever vision you have for your concrete can become a reality. Power plants, showrooms, preparation facilities all have one major detail in common- they all handle machinery and chemicals that require strong and durable floors. When our professional concrete contractors install epoxy coatings, you are guaranteed floors that resist chemical damage, are the most forgiving on vehicles and machinery, and will last you for decades.

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Metallic & Wood Concrete Coatings

We offer a variety of different floor coatings that give you a unique finish. Metallic floors offer unique flooring option that can never be duplicated even by the same contractor. The coatings set differently, leaving distinctive pieces of art behind. Wood concrete coatings give your floor the essence of wood floors without having to care for the floors in the same way.

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Even though your concrete coated floors will be resistant to even the harshest of environments, we offer some tips and tricks on how to keep their shine and strong qualities. If you have further questions on care and maintenance give us a call.

  • Sweep daily to take care of any lingering debris that could harm your floors.
  • Leave deep cleaning for rare or special occasions to preserve the glass like finish your floors have.
  • Wipe up any spills as soon as possible to keep your space safe but also to avoid any possible damages that could arise.
  • Do not use any strong acidic chemicals to clean up messes in order to avoid dulling the surface of your floor’s shine.
  • if you want more information about concrete visit the homepage to discover the types of coatings that are available!