What is the process for concrete polishing?
A concrete polishing process can vary significantly based on the condition of the slab, the age, and the environment; however, there is a general process that most areas will undergo. Polishing concrete floors is a step by step process that should always be performed by licensed professionals who have the tools to truly produce what you’re looking for.
  1. A professional will first evaluate your floors and fix any scratches, cracks, or holes then the professional will ensure that any residual paints, coatings, oils, or stains have also been removed. This process is very important prior to the actual grinding and polishing.
  2. Grinding can begin after everything that needs to be fixed has in fact been fixed. The grinding process is determined by how fine you want your floors to be.
  3. A chemical hardener is then added to aid your concrete, it is applied to further strengthen your concrete.
  4. Polishing is the last step that also depends on what level of sheen you’re looking for.
How long can a polished concrete floor last?
Concrete polished floors are highly sought after for many reasons, one of those reasons being their incredibly long lifespans. Each situation is different, some slabs will last longer than others depending on the original age of your concrete and what it is exposed to on a daily basis. In general, a polished concrete floor will last 15 or more years, possibly longer if it is properly maintained.
What are the benefits of polished concrete floors?
Residential, commercial, and industrial properties alike have begun realizing the unmatched benefits of a polished concrete floor. Some of those benefits include:
  • Savings: When you polish a concrete floor, you are using the flooring material already available, meaning, there aren’t any extra materials needed. The fewer materials needed the less manual labor and installation fees are associated with polished concrete.
  • Lifespan: A polished concrete floor lasts for decades without needing replacement, this is also why they are so incredibly cost-effective.