Garages in both residential and industrial settings undergo tremendous use that causes normal floors to break down, peel, crack, and discolor easily. Are you looking for a stronger floor? If so, you’re in the right place because our epoxy floors are designed to handle the harshest environments you could have. These floors allow you to choose a beautiful design or a standard one but even with delicate looking glass, garage epoxy floors are durable floors.

Our professionals here in Columbus are ready to help you design and install your new flooring system at affordable prices. We believe in high-end work and materials for lower-end prices. If you’re thinking about a new floor for your garage, give us a call, we have experienced professionals waiting to help you with any question you may have.


Epoxy Floor Columbus

Metallic Epoxy floor

Metallic Epoxy floor gives you the opportunity to design your own unique garage floor. The ability to create a one of a kind flooring design comes from the glossy finish, variety of color choices, and the three-dimensional appearance the floors take on. The best part? No two floors can ever be the same, making your garage a true piece of art.

Epoxy Floor Columbus Ohio

Epoxy floor coatings

Epoxy floor coatings are one of the most protective layers you can add to your floors. In garages where vehicles and machinery are kept are able to be used longer because epoxy floors are much more forgiving and gentler on both. Aside from its forgiving qualities, epoxy floors are gorgeous, and they have a distinct shine that gives them an elegant finish.

Columbus Rubberized Flooring Coating

Garage floor coatings

Garage floor rubber coatings are becoming one of the most popular trends among garage owners who are looking for floors to holdup in harsh environments. Because these floors are becoming so popular in areas where there is heavy foot traffic, there are likely more dropped items, and need to withstand chemical abrasions, they are made highly durable and easily maintainable.