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Garages in both residential and industrial settings undergo tremendous use that causes normal floors to break down, peel, crack, and discolor easily. Are you looking for a stronger floor? If so, you’re in the right place because our epoxy floors are designed to handle the harshest environments you could have. These floors allow you to choose a beautiful design or a standard one but even with delicate looking glass, garage epoxy floors are durable floors.

Our professionals here in Columbus are ready to help you design and install your new flooring system at affordable prices. We believe in high-end work and materials for lower-end prices. If you’re thinking about a new floor for your garage, give us a call, we have experienced professionals waiting to help you with any question you may have.


Epoxy Floor Columbus

Metallic Epoxy floor

Metallic Epoxy floor gives you the opportunity to design your own unique garage floor. The ability to create a one of a kind flooring design comes from the glossy finish, variety of color choices, and the three-dimensional appearance the floors take on. The best part? No two floors can ever be the same, making your garage a true piece of art.

Epoxy Floor Columbus Ohio

Epoxy floor coatings

Epoxy floor coatings are one of the most protective layers you can add to your floors. In garages where vehicles and machinery are kept are able to be used longer because epoxy floors are much more forgiving and gentler on both. Aside from its forgiving qualities, epoxy floors are gorgeous, and they have a distinct shine that gives them an elegant finish.

Columbus Rubberized Flooring Coating

Garage floor coatings

Garage floor rubber coatings are becoming one of the most popular trends among garage owners who are looking for floors to holdup in harsh environments. Because these floors are becoming so popular in areas where there is heavy foot traffic, there are likely more dropped items, and need to withstand chemical abrasions, they are made highly durable and easily maintainable.


There are so many benefits and options when you choose an epoxy flooring system for your garage. Whether you’re looking to protect your residential or industrial garage, we can help. Give us a call and speak to one of our experienced technicians to get you started today!

Columbus Rubberized Flooring Coating
  • Your floors will be more durable than any of their competitors also they resist common and uncommon wear and tear
  • Epoxy flooring systems are strong and resistant against chemical damage.
  • Epoxy garage floor coatings use less materials when you choose an epoxy coating and ease daily wear and tear
  • Epoxy coatings are slip-resistant, temperature and impact resistant, and even fire resistant..
  • Epoxy floor coatings give your garage a brighter and more vibrant look to them. The area instantly becomes inviting because the lighting is so drastically improved.
  • A garage epoxy floor offers you the opportunity to clean easier and quicker than ever before. The coating doesn’t allow any debris penetration keeping all of the dirt and harmful chemicals where they can be easily swept away.
  • A garage epoxy floor offers you the opportunity to clean easier and quicker than ever before. The coating doesn’t allow any debris penetration keeping all of the dirt and harmful chemicals where they can be easily swept away.

If you are intrested in garage epoxy flooring visit the homepage and discover other epoxy flooring services available to you.

Residential Garage Coating

Is your home garage in need of a new floor? Whether you need space for one, two, or three cars in your garage, epoxy flooring is the right choice. Epoxy flooring is still your safest and most realistic choice. Garage epoxy floors can turn a plain old garage into an elegant and shining space where vehicles and equipment will last longer without damaging your floors in the process.

Epoxy Garage floor coating
Garage Floor epoxy
Industrial Garage Epoxy Coating

In an industrial space, many factors that could ruin your floors are important to take into account. When you have expensive machinery and inventory that is delicate having a forgiving floor is crucial for your business. Epoxy flooring systems are the best option to check off all of the boxes. With the endless possibilities of design and texture, epoxy flooring is an affordable and necessary choice.


When one of our professional epoxy coating installations takes place, we clear out the area of any furniture in the space, then a number of tests are conducted on the concrete. Each test that is administered on the concrete is meant to secure the epoxy flooring coating binds to the concrete. Moisture testing, chemical testing, and cleaning off any extra residue are extremely important to ensure the successful installation of an epoxy coating. Ensuring that your floors are swept and dry after all of the steps have been taken is something our professionals are extremely skilled at and this guarantees the successful administration of the entire installation process.

Epoxy floor coating Columbus
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Garage Epoxy Cost

A professional installation generally starts between $3-$12 per square foot, but you need to remember that each situation is different, so garage epoxy flooring may differ. Depending on the size of the garage and how many vehicles or machinery is meant to accommodate. Another factor is the fact that epoxy coatings come in three different categories. The first and most expensive is 100% epoxy, next is 50% to 50% water- based and solvent-based, and lastly are the water-based epoxy paints. All serve their purpose and talking to one of our professionals can help you narrow down which one is the best choice for you.

Epoxy Concrete


Epoxy floors are the easiest to keep looking brand new. Below we have our top recommendations but if you have any questions about your floors, give us a call!

  • Daily sweeps are extremely important and should not be neglected, especially in high foot-traffic areas, because damage debris that is left on the surface of your epoxy floors can ruin your floors beyond the surface.
  • Wiping up spills, oil, and chemicals is highly advised. Although, epoxy floors are designed to handle even the harshest of environments, leaving any spill on the surface is never a advised.
  • Deep cleans are not recommended other than on rare or special occasions because frequent deep cleans with harsh chemicals could ruin the epoxy coating altogether.
  • Some cases may require you to hose down the floor and dry it by hand
  • If you’re epoxy coating is in an area where the use if high placing a foot mat where foot-traffic enters can help minimize the amount of outside elements come onto your floors.
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