You work your hardest every day to ensure that your company stays afloat, your are always making the best decisions for your company all while making sure you deliver the best customer experience possible. So when it comes to modernizing your flooring for the future we would recommend our commercial epoxy floor coating.

We take great pride in our commercial epoxy flooring systems and want to share our work with our neighbors here in Columbus, Oh. If you need your flooring system that is durable, attractive, affordable, easy to maintain and clean you will not need to look any further.

Commercial Epoxy Flooring Columbus, OH

Commercial Epoxy Floor


This type of epoxy has been in use the longest of them all as it was the first epoxy ever used in a commercial setting. Due to its solvent-based organic ingredients, it leaves a thick and durable layer over your concrete. As it is a solvent based product it is also flammable, which is a reason to think about depending on your needs.

Commercial Flooring Epoxy Columbus


Waterborne epoxies are the most usable epoxies as they can be used from housing to intense industrial performance. Water-based epoxies are the top choice for food industries because it has no odor, is scratch and gouge resistant making it very easy to maintain. It is the popular choice for most customers as it is pliable to most slabs of concrete all while being safe for the environment.

Commercial kitchen flooring epoxy


100 percent epoxy is just that, pure epoxy. It is the cream of the crop as it is used by most professionals. This type of epoxy is suitable for all industries such as warehouses, kitchens, and restaurants, restrooms, and garages as it is supremely resistant to corrosive materials. Solid epoxy is also the thickest layer of epoxy ensuring that your concrete underneath will be life proof.


Commercial epoxy offers countless designs and ensures your flooring will be the last of your worries. Questioning if you should take the leap? Here’s why we commercial epoxy flooring is for you.

Epoxy Floor Coating Arkansas
  • Epoxy flooring has no bounds as far as design. This makes it easy to personalize your warehouse or storefront.
  • All epoxies are water resistant and can be anti-skid making it perfect for areas prone to spillage.
  • Epoxies are extremely sanitary since they are seamless, leaving no place for bacteria to reside
  • Supremely resistant to even the harshest of chemicals, oils, and fats.
  • One of the most durable commercial flooring options as it is scratch, skid, and impact resistant.
  • Depending on your business uses of epoxy flooring, there are cases of it lasting 2-3 years as well as 30 years. Make sure to communicate with our contractors.
  • Almost zero maintenance on flooring as epoxy doesn’t require use of polishes or waxes.
  • An epoxy floor coating won’t only give your floor super strength, it will also give your floor a “wow” factor that much other business don’t have.
  • Epoxy is a great long term investment as you won’t be wasting your money on flooring repairs or maintenance.
  • Perfect flooring the culinary industry as it is sanitary and complies with USDA guidelines.

If you are interested in more commercial flooring solutions, take a look at our homepage to see all of the services that we offer!


Contrary to popular belief, not all epoxies are a dull one color system. Commercial Epoxy can transform your storefront, kitchen or warehouse from dull to gorgeous. Epoxy designs can include lines to manage workflow in a warehouse or kitchen, place stunning designs in your storefront.

Commercial concrete epoxy
Commercial concrete floor epoxy


Don’t let your shops flooring go to waste. Since commercial epoxy flooring is resistant to harsh chemicals, oil spills and is the supreme flooring for handling heavy machinery it is the perfect flooring for your shop. We can ensure that your shops’ flooring will keep up with your workload and won’t let you down.


Veterinarian offices, for example, boarding offices, and veterinary workplaces require the best flooring that can oppose stains, impact protection, and severe chemical deterioration. A commercial epoxy floor covering is the ideal floor material for an office that faces scratches from rambunctious animals, pet mishaps, spills, and cruel cleaning methods. Our commercial epoxy flooring isn’t simply solid and flexible, they have been tested in the field and are proven to work.

Commercial epoxy garage floor coating
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