Basement Concrete Floor Epoxy in Columbus

There’s a lot to appreciate about your basement, although it may not seem that way now. A basement can give you extra living space and valuable square footage. It can be a storage space, kids play area, home gym, man cave, or entertainment area. It can also be musty, dark, and dusty. If your basement sounds more like the later, you can count on American Dynamic Coatings to transform it into space you will actually want to use.

An epoxy coating for concrete basement floors in Columbus, Ohio offers a versatile, long-lasting, and cost-effective solution to both finish your basement and stop moisture problems. Basement epoxy is an incredibly robust floor system that can withstand heavy-duty commercial use yet offer a highly decorative and customizable appearance. At American Dynamic Coatings, we look forward to showing you the true potential of your basement with the right floor system.

Benefits of Epoxy Basement Flooring

Benefits of Epoxy Basement Flooring

Unbeatable Strength

What use is a great-looking floor if it can’t hold up to wear and tear? Epoxy coatings for basement floors are industrial grade floor systems formulated to withstand everything from moisture and spilled chemicals to abrasion, heavy loads, impact, and more. You don’t need to worry about pets in the basement because epoxy resists damage from pet accidents and nails. The kids can even enjoy their favorite hobbies and crafts without worrying about floor protection and difficult clean-up.

Basement Epoxy

Long-Lasting Flooring

When you’re ready to finish your basement, you want to invest in a floor system that will last. Carpet quickly takes on musty aromas in a basement and its already short lifespan is shortened even further. An epoxy floor in a finished basement can last up to 20 years to keep your basement bright, clean, and livable with minimal effort. It’s hard to beat this longevity with any traditional floor product for a basement.

Basement Epoxy

Easy to Maintain

Did you know a basement epoxy floor coating in Columbus is the ultimate low-care floor solution? Once it’s fully cured, epoxy bonds with your concrete and creates an ultra-durable, seamless, and nonporous plastic material. There are no cracks for dirt to hide and spills are isolated on the surface. It’s easy to simply wipe up spills without worrying about moisture damage or stains. To keep your epoxy looking great for many years to come, simply sweep and use a damp mop as needed.

Invest in an Epoxy Basement Floor in Columbus

Ready to enjoy the basement you’ve always dreamed of having? No matter what your plans are for your basement, a basement epoxy floor coating can be a smart investment with an affordable installation cost, unrivaled longevity, and endless customization options.

Basement Floor Epoxy And Sealer

A basement floor epoxy coating in Columbus is a unique liquid-applied system. Used in commercial and industrial applications for decades, epoxy is becoming more popular among homeowners who want a robust yet attractive concrete coating for their basement or garage. Basement epoxy is often mistaken for paint but it’s not; it’s made form hardeners and epoxy resin that react chemically and bind with your concrete floor to cure into an ultra strong plastic material.

Once cured, basement concrete floor epoxy is very hard to damage yet easy to maintain. It can withstand abrasion, dropped objects, spills, harsh cleaning products, and pets without showing its age. It can even last decades with little maintenance aside from sweeping, mopping, and a new clear coat every 7 years or so.

Brighten Your Basement

Say goodbye to your dark, dreary basement with a high-quality basement epoxy coating. Epoxy is highly reflective and increases floor brightness by up to 300% to make your basement look larger, brighter, and more welcoming.

Basement Floor Epoxy Coating
Basement Floor Epoxy Sealant

Cost-Effective Floors

A beautiful custom basement epoxy floor doesn’t need to cost a fortune. Epoxy is one of the most cost-effective floor options you can choose with a low installation cost, minimal maintenance, and extreme longevity.

Waterproof Your Basement

Have you ever dealt with a flooded basement or maybe just musty odors and moisture concerns? Are you trapped in the cycle of replacing your basement flooring every couple of years? It’s time to invest in an epoxy concrete basement floor. An epoxy finish for a basement floor creates a nonporous and waterproof barrier over the concrete to stop moisture from seeping up from the slab. It also protects the concrete itself from water damage.

Basement Floor Finish Epoxy
Concrete Basement Floor Epoxy Paint

Customize Your Floor

How do you envision your new finished basement? Do you want a modern look with a single, high-gloss color? What about