Here at Epoxy flooring Columbus, Ohio, we understand the strict guidelines that industrial facilities have for their flooring. Your flooring has to be able to withstand heavy traffic without chipping or cracking that could cause a safety hazard, harsh chemicals without deterioration, and last for years without showing signs of wear and tear causing an eyesore.

At epoxy flooring Columbus, we offer many different versions of industrial strength epoxies that will be sure to fit any and all of your needs. We can give you a flooring system that is worry free, is affordable and will last you for years to come. Let us show you why we believe our flooring is the best.


Industrial Epoxy Flooring


The industrial epoxy floor coatings that we offer in Columbus are an approved flooring system by the USDA for use in facilities such as food and beverage plants, restaurants, and commercial kitchens. Since industrial epoxy flooring is a seamless surface so acids, oils, fats or dropped food won’t be able to seep into any crevices and produce forms of bacteria or mold. Industrial epoxy flooring is one of the most hygienic flooring options on the market.

Industrial Epoxy Floor Coating


The industry has to withstand heavy use along with traffic from forklifts or crash carts. With these circumstances, traditional flooring will fail within a few years time. Industrial epoxy flooring excels in these environments as it is bonded to the underlying concrete with super strong molecular bonds. These bonds are created by grinding the surface of the concrete with a diamond wheel or by shot blasting which profiles the concrete.

Industrial Epoxy Coating


Since industrial epoxy flooring has a seamless and clean appearance it is a common misconception that it is slick and prone to accidents. Well, this is not the case at all as industrial epoxy floor coverings have been specially formulated to be an anti-slip flooring system. Even in areas that will be exposed to moisture or prone to spills, we have a special additive that resembles salt that will give your flooring even more grip.


Industrial epoxy floor coatings in Columbus Ohio have been proven to work and are the go-to flooring for industries such as:

Industrial Epoxy Flooring
  • Food and beverage facilities use industrial epoxy flooring as a way to maintain an extremely hygienic environment.
  • Auto Shops use industrial epoxy coatings for their superior resistance to complex stains from gasoline and oils
  • Aircraft hangars use our epoxy flooring for its ability to frequently take on heavy objects such as aircraft and vehicles.
  • Retail facilities trust industrial epoxy flooring as it able to withstand heavy traffic from pedestrians and it’s anti-slip technology to avoid accidents from wet areas.
  • Veterinarians trust industrial epoxy flooring in their operating rooms and kennels as epoxy flooring is easy to clean and won’t stain from accidents animals may have.
  • Factories use industrial epoxy floor coatings for their superior durability in harsh conditions leading to a safer work environment.
  • Manufacturing plants in Columbus use our industrial epoxy flooring systems to help direct traffic in a busy environment. Epoxy flooring is also used in bright colors to reduce the need for additional lighting and increase visibility.
  • Machine shops use our industrial epoxy floor coating as a safety net for their concrete slabs.These types of shops are vulnerable to impact from heavy impact and flooring must withstand heavy machinery 24/7 making industrial epoxy flooring the perfect flooring for such shops.
  • Correctional facilities such as prisons use industrial grade epoxy flooring as they are easy to clean and durable. This is important as prison flooring is constantly being put to the test 24/7.


When you have been in the game as long as we have, you will come to terms with how dangerous water can be to your business. Water can cause catastrophic damage and sometimes even complete shutdown of your facility. Industrial epoxy flooring is a completely waterproof flooring system that can be used anywhere that water can be a problem.

Industrial Epoxy Floor Coating Contractors
Industrial Epoxy Floor Covering


The life of your industrial epoxy flooring will have plenty of moving parts. But, our industrial epoxy floor coating contractors in Columbus have decades of combined experience that will ensure that your floor is installed properly. A professionally installed industrial epoxy floor coating can last you twenty years and even longer in some cases.


A bare concrete slab can cause serious structural problems when exposed to the harsh chemicals that are typically found in industrial facilities. Concrete is a very porous material and will absorb water and chemicals alike. Not only will the chemicals rapidly deteriorate your concrete but it will also destroy the soil beneath your concrete, which can cause cracking, lifting and will eventually result in needing to be torn out and repoured. With our industrial floor coating, your concrete will receive a chemical resistant barrier that cannot be destroyed by even the harshest chemicals you can throw at it. Since the spills are trapped on the surface of the epoxy it makes it super simple to clean up any spills making it the perfect flooring for labs, hospitals, commercial kitchens, and areas where forklifts may leak battery acid.

Epoxy Concrete Floor
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