7 Qualities of Decorative Concrete

That Can Transform Your Dull Floors

Concrete Overlay
Concrete has taken front and center stage as the world and a new generation of home buyers has taken to the market. Concrete floors no longer have to be dull and boring, they can be warm, inviting, welcoming, and beautiful. These floors are fantastic eco-friendly options for long-term use and solutions. When you have a concrete slab, add some decoration to it with coatings, paints, or overlays! Decorative concrete offers so many amazing qualities, like:
Stamped Concrete
Indoors and outdoors! You concrete does not have to be boring. Decorative concrete options are available for concrete surfaces that already exist and offer those floors truly unlimited design and texture opportunities. With a professional installer at your side, they truly aren’t a reason why you cannot achieve the look of your dreams. This can be done with:
  • Overlays
  • Stains
  • Textures
  • Unique finishes
Decorative concrete surfaces can mimic:
Wood Stamped Concrete
  • Stone
  • Brick
  • Tile
  • Wood
Wood Stamped Concrete
Concrete is strong. Concrete is durable. Concrete is porous. The durability of your concrete depends largely on its pores being sealed off from the rest of the world and the best way to accomplish this is by applying a decorative coat! Decorative concrete finishes allow your floors many more years.
  • These floors are resistant to dust
  • Heavy loads will not crack the surfaces
  • Decorative concrete is uninhabitable by mold or mildew
  • Outdoor concrete will not breakdown due to harsh weather
Driveway Overlay
Stone, brick, tile, wood, and marble are all beautiful and that is undeniable, but they aren’t anywhere near the term affordable! These floors are not only expensive to install, but they are also expensive to maintain, and expenses add up over time. With a decorative concrete floor, the price is not going to increase when you see how much it takes to maintain the beauty of the floor! You can enjoy your floors over the years without worrying about having them repaired or replaced.
  • Concrete does not need special cleaners or waxes
  • Decorative concrete does not need to be repaired or replaced regularly
  • These floors are resistant to all types of damages
Low maintenance
A floor in our home or our business should not take up extra headspace. Life is getting busier by the second and the last thing anyone wants is to have to add their floors maintenance to their list! Good thing for those of us with decorative concrete floors, you don’t have to worry because there is not a special maintenance routine or a have-to for these floors!
  • Clean up spills when they occur
  • Never use cleaner high in acidity
  • Don’t over scrub one area of your floor
  • Use soft brushes and wipe when cleaning areas
  • Never allow cleaners to fully dry on your surface
Concrete Resurfacing
Don’t rip out your concrete! It will take up a lot of your time and it will cost a lot of your money. Decorative concrete can be used to uplift and transform your current slab and by doing so, you are saving a lot of time. Decorative concrete needs a short about of time to give your space a completely new look.
  • Save thousands of dollars with decorative concrete
  • Decorative floors take days not weeks to finish
  • You can get back to your routine much quicker
Stained Concrete Patio
The quality of your floors can directly impact the safety of everyone who walks on them! This is not a thought that commonly crosses our mind, but it is important to be aware of the importance. Decorative concrete floors can be installed to suit any special safety needs or requirements your home or business may have!
  • Decorative floors do not harbor harmful bacteria or mold
  • These floors can be installed to be a slip and fire-resistant
  • During installation, don’t worry. About VOCs or toxic leftover air because there is none!
Decorative Concrete Pool Deck
We need to make a change and we need to stop exhausting the earth’s natural resources! Many people do not want to take big leaps and bounds because they value their lifestyle and that can be helped! With decorative concrete installations, you can make your green footprint without sacrificing your time, money, or energy.
  • Less waste is produced by decorative concrete
  • Fewer chemicals are used to install decorative concrete floors
  • You can recycle your floors when they do need to be fully replaced