Epoxy Injection For

Concrete Crack Repair

Concrete Repair
Concrete is going to crack, there is no doubt about it. Over the years of use and constant exposure to different environments, concrete cracks, and when it does you should know that an epoxy injection can help make all of your anxieties about the issue disappear! Some causes for concrete cracks can be shrinkage, heat, fluctuating temperatures, joint placement, and so many more! All cracks and locations are different, so continue reading to learn more.
Repair and Method
Concrete Cracks
Using an epoxy injection is meant to rejuvenate and restore the concrete. Many injection epoxy repairs are used on straight or sideways cracks, or simply cracks that cannot be repaired the traditional method. It is important to know the cause and the depth of crack! Don’t just go injecting all of your cracks with epoxy because there could be serious structural issues that are the cause and need to be addressed.
  • Wet cracks should be injected with water tolerating epoxy
  • Structural cracks need to be addressed from a deeper issue and epoxy injections should be held off
  • Deep issues that will continue to return should not be repaired with epoxy injections
Prepping the concrete
Concrete Resurfacing Prep
No matter what type of work you’re doing, it is always an important decision to clean the surface before beginning. Pressure wash and dry the area thoroughly but ensure that no extra debris is brought into the area to keep your crack as clean as possible.
  • Use air dryers if needed
  • Do not use extra tools
  • Clean the area thoroughly
Concrete Resurfacing
If you are doing this yourself the equipment you need may vary and a professional should be consulted. But generally, you can use:
  • Spring capsules
  • Handheld delivering systems to inject the epoxy
  • Air runs
Concrete Repair And Coatings
Start with a soft and slow approach when you begin injecting the epoxy into the cracks but for larger ones, you may need more pressure. When the cracks are extremely wide just be patient and note if the area is filling with the epoxy liquid. Once this is all said and done ensure that you have waited for 48-hours to see if the process has fully worked.

For more information about how to properly seal and repair cracks with epoxy injections, it is important to consult a professional and to always read the instructions from the manufacturers carefully.