Increase Your Homes Value With Rustic Charm

//Increase Your Homes Value With Rustic Charm
Increase Your Homes

Value With Rustic Charm

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If you are looking at wood flooring, you might feel as if all the different types of wood blend together but for some reason, they all have a different price tag. We don’t understand why either, but do you have any other choice when it comes to obtaining the wood flooring of your dreams? Well, there are those cheap wood vinyl planks that you could use but after a few years, they can become scratched or bent. But we think that we have found the way to increase your home’s value with rustic charm, rustic wood-concrete. Rustic wood-concrete can provide the same look of wood but with the durability of a concrete flooring system. Ready to see why we think wood-concrete is the best choice? Well, you can find out down below!
Concrete Resurfacing
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Who says that you cant have the appearance of wood flooring anywhere you want? Don’t let a damaged concrete slab limit where you can place flooring. Rustic wood concrete can be used in the process of concrete resurfacing to repair your existing concrete slab no matter where it is, from driveways to your living room. Most people resurface their concrete to increase the value of their home and that is still true when using wood stamped concrete. Homeowners have reported that they received a return investment of 70-75% or 700-750 dollars returned on every 1000 dollars spent. With this in mind, resurfacing your concrete can increase your homes value up to 5%
Basement Waterproofing
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With winter right around the corner, now is the perfect time to start thinking about waterproofing your basement before the weather gets too cold or the surrounding soils of your home begin to expand full of moisture that will become frozen, damaging your foundation. When it comes to basement waterproofing, the best place to start is with the flooring, especially if your concrete floor has cracks. The best part about using stamped concrete in the basement is that they are 100% waterproof so in the off chance water gets into your basement, you won’t have to worry about your flooring being destroyed like you would with carpet or traditional wood flooring. In terms of value, wood concrete is around 10 dollars to install where traditional wood ranges around 12 dollars to install with additional costs to seal or coat the wood.
Maintenance Costs
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As we all know, traditional wood flooring can cost thousands to maintain. Between refinishing it every 3 years, sealing it or lacquering the wood, maintenance of traditional wood can be over 1000 dollars every 3 years if you don’t do it yourself. But we have found that the maintenance of rustic concrete is fairly simplistic, straightforward and cheap! For example, in terms of routine maintenance, all you will have to do is sweep and mop the flooring regularly but when stains are on the flooring, they can be removed with a PH-neutral detergent. Where traditional wood needs sanding, sealing and conditioning every 1-3 years, all you have to worry about in the long term with rustic concrete is the replacement of the seal coat every 1-3 years depending on where the concrete is placed, what it’s used for and the amount of traffic it receives.
Now that you know just how much rustic wood concrete has to offer, are you going to make the switch to this system? If you are, just make sure to find a reliable contractor! But no matter how you decide to coat your concrete, we wish you the best of luck on all of your flooring projects to come!