Make Your Basement A Livable Space In Your Home

//Make Your Basement A Livable Space In Your Home
Make Your Basement

A Livable Space In Your Home

With winter right around the corner, you might be thinking about how you can turn your basement into a livable space to escape the winter blues. We know just how important it is to properly finish your basement the first time around to avoid having to come back to something in the future, so we have found the best place to start with your basement finishing project is your flooring. With some research, we have found that the most efficient flooring system to use in the basement is epoxy. Down below, we will be talking about using epoxy in the basement and a few other tips and tricks to make your basement livable! Let’s get started, shall we?
Basement Epoxy Flooring
epoxy flooring
We have found that basement epoxies are one of the best solutions for the basement as they offer a waterproof finish and with over 78% of basements in the United States subjected to water damage and estimation by basement experts stating that 90% of basements will experience water damage, a waterproof flooring system is a must! While epoxy is waterproof, it also offers basement waterproofing for your home’s foundation which can significantly decrease the amount of moisture in the basement and eliminate water seepage from the concrete foundation. This will make your basement less humid, smell better and most importantly, keep water from ruining your possessions! Down below, you will find a few more benefits that you can gain with basement waterproofing:
  • Resists Bacterial Growth; Mold, Mildew, Fungi
  • Slip & Skid Resistant Finish
  • Carefree And Easy Maintenance
  • Extremely Durable; High Tensile Strength
  • Increase The Resale Value
  • Lasts 15-30 Years
Seal Your Walls
basement renovations
On the same page as basement waterproofing, basement wall sealing is a crucial step to making your basement livable. Is your basement cold, damp or smell of must? Well, you can account for that to your walls being unsealed. It is highly recommended that you seal the concrete walls and foundation before carrying out any other renovation as water can seep into materials, causing the growth of mold or mildew. To seal your walls, you have plenty of options like rubber coatings or the repair of cracks may even be enough to stop moisture from entering your basement. While sealing your walls will eliminate the water seepage into your basement, some of the damp feelings may be coming from your home so it is crucial to make sure your venting is in good, working condition if you want a livable basement.
Improve Your Lighting
basement lighting
In most basements, you will find a light bulb with a string but if you are looking to make your basement livable, you are going to need to install adequate lighting as the natural lighting your basement receives may be almost nonexistent. We know that the basement’s ceiling is very restrictive to many lighting options but we have found that the best form of lighting in the basement is can lights. Can lights don’t take up much space in the ceiling and can be energy efficient when LED bulbs are used. Whatever your bulb choice, make sure to get white bulbs, yellow-tinted light can make your basement feel gloomy where white light will make the basement feel just like another part of the home!
Well, there you have it, the best ways to make your basement livable. After you perform these tasks, your basement will be ready to house furniture and even a big screen TV. All we can say now is that you have luck on your side for your upcoming basement remodel!