Are Polished Concrete Floors What You Have Been Dreaming Of?

//Are Polished Concrete Floors What You Have Been Dreaming Of?
Are Polished Concrete Floors

What You’ve Been Dreaming Of?

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Have you been dreaming of a flooring system that is low maintenance, beautiful and affordable? To the layman, a flooring system that checks all three of these boxes seem out of reach in today’s market. Well, we think that they haven’t done their research! We know of a flooring system that checks these marks, polished concrete. Polished concrete is one of the biggest flooring systems in the United States right now, accounting for at least 54% of the concrete coating market in 2016 with projections having it being the leading coating until at least 2025. Want to know why epoxy flooring is so sought after or why you’ve been dreaming about it? We have all the information you need down below!
What Is Polished Concrete?
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Before we get into the technicalities of polished concrete, let’s talk a little more about what this coating is. Simply put, polished concrete is a flooring system that uses concrete hardeners that penetrate the pores of the concrete, resulting in a durable floor coating that can stand the test of time. But how do they get so glossy? That’s where the polishing part comes into play. The process of polishing concrete consists of “sanding” down the slabs with industrial sandpaper and grinders that range from 300 grit up to 2500 grit depending on the level of gloss you want the system to achieve. Polished concrete is most commonly performed on new concrete but can also be performed on existing concrete that is in good condition
Polished Concrete- The Benefits
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So let’s get into what makes concrete polishing such a sought after service, the benefits. Concrete polishing offers a broad range of benefits that range from carefree maintenance to long service life. But by far the most attractive benefit that concrete polishing offers to both home and business owners is its durability and high resistances. For example, this coating offers stain resistance, chemical damage resistance and resistances to both scratches or abrasions. For the full range of benefits that you stand to gain from concrete polishing, look down below, we have outlined them for you!
  • Eco-Friendly
  • Simplistic Maintenance
  • Extremely Customizable
  • Affordable
Customizing Polished Concrete
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Because of its use in commercial and industrial settings, most people think that polished concrete is a bland or unappealing flooring system. But thanks to innovation in the field of concrete, concrete polishes can become one of the most beautiful coatings on the market. With options like stained polishing, aggregate implementation with new concrete and saw cutting, you can design your flooring just as much as you could with a flooring system like epoxy flooring. Not all polished floors have to be super reflective either, you can have your polishing to your exact specifications from an almost matte finish to mirror-like depending on the tier of sanding you have your contractor perform.
Maintaining Polished Concrete
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This is what makes polished concrete a suitable option for both residential and commercial settings. It won’t take much to maintain a polished system, just regular mopping with a standard wet mop and sweeping with a soft bristle broom but scrubbers can be used for larger areas. Unlike other coatings, polished concrete won’t need to be resealed, refinished or waxed/polishing. This makes maintenance a fast and straight forward process that anyone can accomplish. In terms of what detergents to use on the flooring, just make sure that the cleaner is PH-neutral and avoid any cleaners with citrus/pine, ammonia, or bleaches to avoid any abrasions on its surface.
Now that you know why you have been dreaming about polished concrete, its time to install one! Polished concrete is extremely versatile and is used anywhere from garage floors to your living room, just make sure to find a contractor that truly knows how to install it. No matter what you do with your concrete, we wish you the best of luck on all of your future flooring projects to come!