Epoxy floor coatings were once thought of as only being installed in industrial settings that handled heavy machinery and high volumes of chemicals. Even though that fact is still true, epoxy floors have recently become the easiest and most affordable flooring options available for home and business owners. An epoxy floor is durable and offers owners more than two decades of a strong surface that will never require increased maintenance over time. Many areas including residential, commercial, and industrial properties have begun to rely on the amazing qualities epoxy floors have to keep safe and clean environments.

An epoxy floor process is relatively quick, easy, and simple, unlike other flooring options that require extra materials like wood or tile flooring. If the concrete is old then it will be tested to check for any old epoxy, paints, or different coatings that would hinder new epoxy curing with the slab. The temperature is another factor that can either benefit or hurt an epoxy flooring installation and if it is not installed properly the coating will bubble and peel. Once your concrete has been inspected, tested, and the necessary repairs have been made, the installation process can begin.

Prior to the actual epoxy, the mixture is poured on your concrete a primer is added, without the primer, your epoxy will not properly cure with your concrete and the many protective qualities that epoxy is known for will not be available to you. Once the necessary steps have been followed thoroughly by your epoxy installer, the epoxy is properly poured, and your epoxy floor will be ready to use within a couple of days. So why use an epoxy floor compared to just concrete flooring or others? Concrete is not a strong surface on its own. Yes, concrete is not susceptible to scratches but it is not impact or water-resistant. Heavy dropped objects like furniture can crack your surface and water that penetrates your concretes surface will create an area with mold, mildew, and bacteria grow, epoxy protects concrete from all of that. If you’re looking for a floor that creates an elegant presence and offers a hard-wearing surface no matter where it is installed, an epoxy floor truly is your best option. With enhanced safety features and resistant technology to oil, stains, scratches, and abrasions, an epoxy floor can last over two decades. Who doesn’t want that? Better yet, an epoxy floor coating can be installed not only to mimic other flooring options, but it does not require the same maintenance routine as the others would, making them not only affordable but strong.

Epoxy floors are truly one of a kind works of art that should be installed in any home, business, hotel, warehouse, or kitchen. With a glass-like surface that is resistant to wear and tear from normal use, epoxy has it all. It is important to note that epoxy floors should be used for what they offer and for how long they offer those things, however, none of the benefits that have been mentioned are possible if the coating is not properly installed. Hiring a professional will save you money, time, and patience, so do yourself a favor and call a professional for a new epoxy floor.