All epoxy floors are not the same, there are different technologies in each one that is best for your business, home, or warehouse. It is important to note that all epoxy floors are strong, durable, and resistant to damages and are long-lasting surfaces that are simply installed to enhance your concrete floors. Each type of epoxy is beneficial for its proper place and the best way to determine what type of epoxy floor is best for you is to hire a professional. We are going to explore the different types of epoxy flooring and what they offer.

Self-dispersing epoxy flooring options are commonly used in areas that use heavy machinery because they are known for their strength. If your property handles vehicles and moving machinery you may want to consider self-dispersing epoxy flooring because it limits the possibility of your concrete cracking. If you have employees or customers who use your space, then this is also a great epoxy option as it can be installed with slip-resistant qualities.

Self-leveling epoxy coatings are known for their ability to enhance older concrete. Concrete, before it is installed, must be inspected and tested for age and ability to withstand pressure, self-leveling epoxy is a coating that creates a seamless surface smooth surface that can be used in residential and commercial areas like offices, kitchens, living spaces, lobbies, etc.
Epoxy terrazzo floor coatings are beautiful additions to any home, office, or business surface that needs enhancement. Epoxy terrazzo floors are easy to clean and used in any space that needs a little more than normal decoration, so many schools, commercial settings, and public buildings install them.

One of the most interesting epoxy floor coatings is the antistatic one because it is used in highly sensitive electronic areas. These floors create static-free environments and are commonly used in labs, hospitals, chemical and manufacturing plants.

Epoxy flake floors look like colorful popcorn floors that have some type of seamless sequin in the coating. They are fun and unifying floors that are commonly used to spruce up a once dull utilitarian area, much like garages and warehouses.

Epoxy strength is offered in three different categories, 100% epoxy, solvent based epoxy, and water-based epoxy. Each one of these coatings is beneficial for what it is needed and should always be installed by a professional. 100% epoxy floors are the most durable and longest lasting because they do not damage, so if you want 20 or more years with your floors, this is the best choice. Solvent-based epoxy floors are about 30% to 70% solvent epoxy mixtures it is more affordable than a 100% epoxy floor, but it will also vary in lifespan. Lastly, water-based epoxy coatings are typically used as primers and sealers and not as the main flooring option for an area. This epoxy coatings create a beautiful glass-like finish to any concrete floor and still offers a protective quality. These are the coatings that are commonly used in DIY kits and should not be applied without a professional.