Getting Creative

with Epoxy Floor Coatings

Epoxy Floor Coating
Wood, tile, granite, and marble floors are all beautiful and popular options when it comes to residential and commercial flooring. The downfall of these floors is that they do not offer variety in colors, patterns, or textures like epoxy floors do. Epoxy floors offer unlimited color schemes and design opportunities for all and any of your floors, which is the main reason they’ve emerged into the spotlight in recent years! With a professionally installed epoxy floor, you can truly showcase your personality and artistic style. So, in what ways can you get creative with an epoxy floor coating?
Epoxy Glitter Floors
Stained Concrete
If you have a room that needs a subtle update, then an epoxy glitter floor is what you’re looking for! These floors completely change the way any restaurant, garage, or kitchen look and feel. Glitter epoxy floors offer different sized flakes that all create a beautifully subtle but noticeable floor!
  • You can use different sized flakes
  • These floors help brighten any room because they reflect light beautifully
  • They are extremely affordable and easy to maintain
  • Glitter can help hide any blemishes
Epoxy Patterns
Before, industrial facilities were the only places where epoxy floor coatings were installed in! but now, epoxy floors are being used to create patterns and designs that draw customers and clients into businesses and buildings. These floors create precise lines and designs that give an ambiance of professionalism and good hygiene.
  • Add warmth and dimension to your space
  • Create a modern and versatile atmosphere
  • Increase sophistication
  • Can be used in garages and business buildings alike
3D Flooring
3d Epoxy Flooring
A new trend sweeping commercial and residential flooring is the idea of printing 3D images onto a concrete surface and finishing the flooring with an epoxy coating! The images are insanely impressive and can be about anything! Including nature and marine life.
  • Provides fun and excitement wherever they are installed
  • Truly unlimited
  • Lasts for decades
  • Reflect your interests and personality
Metallic Epoxy
Made with 100% solid epoxy, metallic floors are great for garages, homes, and businesses that want to install floors with beautiful 3D color designs. The ripples and water like images that can be produced by manipulating the pigmentation in the epoxy coating is truly a work of art!
  • Resistant to slippage, stains, impact, scratching, fires, and more
  • Can be used in garages, basements, homes, and commercial areas
  • Does not breakdown when exposed to chemicals
  • Is great for high foot-traffic areas because metallic epoxy resists wear and tear