The Various Types

of Epoxy Flooring Systems

Various Types Of Epoxy Flooring
Guess what? Even though different epoxy floors should be used in different industries and applied to certain properties, and how thick a coating or flooring is applied. Typically, if you’re calling it an epoxy coating, it is less than two millimeters thick and if it is flooring, it is more. The difference? How long they will last! So, what are the benefits of epoxy floors?
  • They are durable. They will not breakdown due to heat, water, or chemicals
  • Aesthetically, they are pleasing. With many different colors and designs available for all.
  • Low maintenance is vital. They do not need constant waxes or sealers
  • Safety can be important. These floors brighten up a room and increase visibility, they are slip and fire-resistant as well.
What are the different types of epoxy floors?