The maintenance of an epoxy floor is one of many reasons why these floors have made their way into homes and commercial spaces alike. An epoxy floors maintenance is completely laid back and easy to handle because it is resistant to almost all types of chemicals, impact, and stains. Very little is ever required to keep the glass-like bright surface that an epoxy coating offers, so here are some tips on how to elongate your floors lifespan because even though the maintenance is minimal, nothing lasts without a little care:

  1. Spills should be cleaned up immediately. Regardless of the chemical content in them.
  2. Routine cleans are highly encouraged with soft and forgiving equipment.
  3. When your floors require deep cleans it is important to first sweep your floors before mopping them. Any harmful debris that is sitting on the surface could be pushed into your floors causing issues. Once the loose debris has been cleaned up you can begin cleaning your floors.
  4. Do not use cleaners that contain high levels of soap because they will leave a film like a residue behind dulling your floors glossy finish.
  5. Never use cleaners that contain high acidity levels because if not they are not properly removed, they can eat away at your concrete floors upper surface.
  6. If you have epoxy in an area where hosing it d