The concrete experts at American Dynamic Coatings do it all, from epoxy garage floor coatings and industrial-grade slurry systems to pool deck resurfacing, concrete sealing, and basement waterproofing. Whether you want to protect your existing concrete and give it a durable, attractive new surface or you’re ready for something different with your pool deck or patio, you can count on the epoxy floor installers at American Dynamic Coatings for superior results and world-class customer service.

Concrete Coatings in Columbus, OH

Epoxy Floor Coating

Epoxy Concrete Coatings

An epoxy floor coating is decorative enough for an upscale lobby or residential use, such as a basement epoxy coating, yet it’s robust enough for even the harshest commercial and industrial settings. Our experienced epoxy flooring contractors in Columbus, OH offer customizable epoxy solutions for residential and commercial clients.

Columbus Ohio Epoxy Flooring

Rubber Floor Coatings

A liquid rubber floor coating is a unique concrete coating system that delivers a waterproof surface that can last years. We frequently instal rubber floor coatings in Columbus for commercial and industrial facilities but a rubberized floor coating can also work well in a garage with excellent resistance to water, chemicals, and temperature changes.

Columbus Epoxy Flooring

Slurry Systems

Epoxy slurry systems are self-leveling coatings that offer industrial-grade protection for even the most demanding applications. Commonly used in industrial settings like manufacturing plants, a slurry system offers extreme resistance to chemicals, thermal shock, and impact with very low odor.

Why Choose Epoxy Flooring in Columbus?

Concrete epoxy coatings are gaining popularity in Columbus among residential and commercial customers thanks to the durability, longevity, and sophisticated appearance epoxy offers. Here’s why an epoxy coating is a great investment.

Epoxy Flooring Contractors
    Epoxy flooring has many uses from garage floor epoxy and basement epoxy flooring to commercial flooring for a wide range of industries like healthcare, office buildings, hotel lobbies, and processing facilities. Whether you are considering epoxy flooring for your home, business, or industrial facility, you can enjoy the following benefits.

  • Nonporous, seamless installation isolates spills on the surface and creates a USDA-approved, sanitary floor system.
  • Withstands even heavy abuse including hot tire pick up, chemicals, harsh cleaning products, road salt, gasoline and oil spills, extreme temperatures, and moisture.
  • Cost-effective epoxy flooring offers a low lifecycle cost for facility managers and low installation costs for homeowners.
  • An epoxy floor coating can last up to 20 years or even longer with minimal care.
  • Instantly brightens any room with a highly reflective surface. This can improve safety and reduce the need for supplemental lighting.
  • Non-slip surface reduces the risk of slip and fall accidents. We can even customize the skid resistance of your floor with additives.
  • There are endless design options available with epoxy. Along with your choice of colors and patterns, we can even achieve beautiful effects like epoxy flake flooring or metallic epoxy flooring that delivers a breathtaking 3D effect.