Choose an Epoxy Contractor Wisely

Epoxy Contractor Wisely

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When it comes to selecting a contractor to provide your brand new epoxy flooring system, you want to make sure that your contractor knows what they are doing. Epoxy floors are an extremely sensitive material that requires years of experience to even begin to scratch the surface on knowing the best methods to install the flooring. Over the years and even more so recently, there are have been thousands of reports of epoxy flooring gone wrong and yes while these cases could be from bad materials, tool malfunctions, or even homeowners rushing their contractors, most of the time the blame falls on the contractors’ behalf. So today, we are going to give you a couple of guidelines and pointers on how to choose the best epoxy flooring contractor! Let’s get started!
Contractors Knowledge
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One of the main things that you should look for in an epoxy flooring contractor is their knowledge in the wide array of epoxy floor coatings on the market. You really want to make sure that your epoxy contractor isn’t just a weekend warrior who spent a couple of days looking on the internet and had an idea to make some extra cash. Down below, you will find a couple of ways to identify if your contractor really knows what he is talking about:
  • Ask about the different epoxies they offer
  • Ask about what epoxy is
  • Make them provide a material list
  • Where do they buy materials from
Experience Does Matter
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Using an epoxy flooring contractor really does make a difference. While an experienced contractor can get a standard 2 car garage coated with epoxy in 2-3 days, and the inexperienced contractor could take 5-6 days and make mistakes along the way. When looking for a contractor, you want to make sure that the crew has at least 5 years of experience before making the call to use them or not. Even if a company claims to have 30 years of experience, double-check! There has been a trend of companies claiming decades of experience but are adding all the experience of their crews. Down below, you will find a few differences between an experienced and unexperienced contractor:
  • Have your epoxy installed quicker
  • Knowledge of tools to speed up the process
  • Understanding of which materials are best suited
  • May install your epoxy incorrectly to save time
  • Lack of knowledge of tools will provide uneven or ruined finishes
  • Use the first material they find at the local hardware store
Check References
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One of the best ways to make sure that your epoxy contractor is reliable is to check with their past clients. We urge to always go as far back as possible, back to when the company was first started if possible. The farther that you are able to gauge their reliability, the easier it is going to make your project. Heres how checking references can make choosing your contractor easier:
  • See how much they have grown as an installer
  • Make sure that their coatings last
  • See if they respect the homes they work in
  • Get information on the products and tools they use
  • Gauge how much they charge on average
  • Find out if you can trust them!