Why is epoxy flooring so popular?  What are the benefits that have created such high demand for epoxy floor coatings?  Epoxy flooring is a process by which concrete floors are made durable, manageable, and beautiful at an extremely reasonable price.  Everywhere you look, you see stunning epoxy floors and you may wonder if they are the right choice for you and your home improvement or industrial project.

Epoxy floor coating is a process that utilizes resins and hardeners to give a durable designer finish to your concrete floors.  There are many benefits that make this process a popular choice for homes, garages, and businesses alike.

  • Epoxy flooring is not only durable but also extremely affordable.  The process of epoxy floor coating is best left to the professionals, but even after hiring a team of highly qualified contractors, these floors are one of the most affordable options for your flooring project needs.  On top of the affordability, these floors last for decades to come. This saves you money in the long run on your overall maintenance cost per wear and use. Not having to replace or refinish your floors every five years is a huge money saving feature.
  • Epoxy flooring systems are the easiest floors to clean and maintain.  Since the surface of epoxy floors are virtually scratch resistant and resilient to spills and stains, these floors are also essentially maintenance free.  A quick sweep and occasional mop are all that is necessary to keep these floors clean, shiny, and beautiful.  This will keep your floors working for you and ultimately save you time and money on your picturesque floors.
  • Because epoxy floor installation uses the resources that are already in place in your home or business, epoxy floors are also sustainable and environmentally sound.  Epoxy floors installation involves a system of cleaning and smoothing the surface of the concrete subfloors that are already in place.  A highly sustainable and hard resin coating is applied to the clean concrete and then buffed to a beautiful shiny finish. This uses very little ecological resources and is safe and sustainable for the ecosystem.
  • On top of all of the above benefits and features of epoxy floor coatings, if the end result is not aesthetically pleasing, we don’t want it.  Fortunately, epoxy flooring is not only beautiful but also highly customizable to meet any design aesthetic for which you may be searching.  Whether you are looking for are marble-like finish or a more rustic hardwood- from golden flecks to terra cotta swirls- you can find what you are looking for in epoxy flooring options.  Epoxy flooring will not disappoint when it comes to design and beauty.

When it comes to epoxy flooring, ease is the ultimate name of the game.  From your installation budget to your day- to- day maintenance and from your desire to be sustainable to your desire for your space to have a designer look, epoxy flooring is the answer and the reason that you are seeing epoxy floor designs increase in popularity across the country from domestic to industrial installation.